Sports Games
Image Game Title Description
Dog pingpong Dog pingpong it is lovely pingpong pane
Football league jumper Football league jumper Start out in division 3 and jump your way up through various leagues and championships, all the way to the top and the world cup.
Doli Volley Championship Doli Volley Championship Join the open-air sports fun and accept the challenge in the Doli Volley Championship. Play some super volleyball sets with Sisi or Toto and taste the real fun!
He Scores! He Scores! Football is a simple game - at least it should be. He Scores! game puts you in a role of a football striker. Your teammate is about to pass the ball to you - you need to get it before oponents and score a goal. In most situations, you will need no more than two mouse clicks to do it.
Flashfooty Hockey 2 Flashfooty Hockey 2 Hockey game inspired with the legendary arcade classic - Hat Trick. Pick one of offered fantasy teams, and lead them to the glory.
Basketball Challenge Basketball Challenge Your goal is to turn all gray icons into color ones. Clicking on aicon will toggle iself and adjacent ones. Plan your mover carefully.
Winterz Skiing Winterz Skiing A downhill skiing game where the player holds onto the ski poles and uses the left and right arrow to move the platform left or right to steer.
Soccer Sensation Soccer Sensation Kick... Tackle… Dribble… And Score!
Penalty Rush Penalty Rush Click the left button, so you can shoot the ball. You have 60 seconds, shoot many goals in this time.
Double Bike Battle Double Bike Battle Challenge bike with your friends,Who is best?
HomeRun_Hit HomeRun_Hit Hit the ball and make the highscore
Lunar Racer Lunar Racer Fly your spaceship and complete each race within the allowed time.
Baseball Mayhem Baseball Mayhem play baseball
Penalty Kicker King! Penalty Kicker King! Shoot the ball into the net! If you are a soccer player or wanted to be one, Penalty King is for you
Soccer jonglage Soccer jonglage Made most juggling,
Diamond Hunter Diamond Hunter Diamond hunter play the game
BasketChallenge BasketChallenge See how many hoops you can get in a row before you miss and the game ends
Multiplayer Eight Ball Multiplayer Eight Ball Play Eight Ball with another player over the internet
Soccer Couples Soccer Couples Draw a line with your mouse making a path on the hexagons to connect two or more soccer symbols of the same kind. You can draw everywhere as long as you highlight adjacent hexagons and connect soccer symbols of the same kind. Draw too fast and you will lose your path.
Old Man Fishing Style Old Man Fishing Style Catch as many fish as you can. Try not to let the timer run out. Every time a fish is caught will give you points and the timer will go up.